The Fiber Artist

Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great Snow of 2009

The view in front of my house, the back is very much the same except that the woods are much closer. These are not black and white pictures, it is just a black and white landscape.

I will not be hanging clothes to dry, for the duration. The dryer is working just fine, thank you!

That is the top of the 30 foot cedar tree lying on the ground.

The picture of the cedar tree and barn was taken through the window. I really like the way the picture turned out. Not sure about the tree.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


The pictures are awful but the sweaters fit again without being so tight across the shoulders that I cannot stand it. The fabric is still slightly felted, which may not be a terrible thing, as it may make them warmer and wear better.

The FLAK is shown before I put the buttons back on, and it does button closed, just fine.

I simmered the sweaters in vinegar water for 45 minutes and then spun the water out, and blocked them out with the help of blocking wires.

They had dried by the time I went to the studio today and I tried them on and they fit better, and I can actually wear them again.

I am still going to finish the Cuff to cuff.

Small Progress

Yesterday, I got the toes of the Dk Blue Guy Socks done, this has woolly nylon for reinforcing thread, which I like a lot because it virtually disappears.

And I got 6 rows of blue in one half of the cuff to cuff, after sewing up both sleeve and side seams. That put paid to the ball of manos I was using so I went and got another one out of the bag, and wound it up. Tonight if I watch TV I will knit the blue stripe on the other side. This project is not a carry around project as it is just too big.

The sweater for Mark would not normally be a carry around either, but, the Saab dealership has a workroom available with comfortable chairs, and desks so I can spread out the yarn and charts to work on it while I am there. And if the car gets done before time to pick up Sierra, I can go to The Panera bread down the street from her school, and have lunch and spread out the charts there, until time to pick her up.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Socks and Jacket

The sweaters, that were put in the dryer, look like they will be OK. But I need more new sweaters so I dug out the cuff to cuff and started working on it again. I am sewing up the sleeves and side seams so that I can try it on and see how much more knitting I need to do before shaping the neck. I am considering putting a hood on this jacket, we will see. I have plenty of yarn and that deep solid red is alpaca and ssssooooooooo soft.

I like the bright primary colors, they just look happy to me, and it is time to get this done and off the needles, and onto me!

Yesterday I finished putting the 2nd heel in the Birthday socks for Mike. Now to finish the sweater for Mark and both of them can go into the mail.

I am going to gather up all of the pattern, yarn, etc and pack them to take with me on Tuesday, I have to take Sierra in for her first day of school, and my car in for its 150 K checkup.

This evening I am going to cast on the 3rd pair of guy socks for carry around and teaching knitting, so that they will be ready on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Pictures- Wait a Few

Because 1) Sierra has my camera with her, at school, taking pictures of her friends, that she will never see again! Oh the drama! Yeah, right in this little town where she sees and speaks to 6-8 friends every time we go to Wal-mart, Kroger, or the Library. After writing this I remembered that I have a camera on the phone, so there are some pictures.

And 2) you don't want to see pictures of the inside of my mouth even if I could take them. So I will just tell you that I saw the dentist again, yesterday.

I swear that people are soon going to think we are having an affair, (especially, since yesterday there was no one left in the building, except me, Wayne (the student dentist who is doing the work) and Gay, (his supervising doctor). I go to the University of Louisville Dental School, because I could not afford the care I have gotten in the last 3 years otherwise. It has cost about $5000. For root canals, periodontal treatment, replacing all of the old fillings, and 8 crowns. There is just no way I could have had all of that done anywhere else. And the work is first rate, if a little slow, but then I take the knitting and I have more time than money. I was there all day yesterday and now have 4 bright shiny new temporary crowns. And a very sore left side of my mouth.

It was after 6 when I left there, and I stopped at the library, to pick up an inter library loan request, then dropped a refused package off at the post office( book club offer I didn't refuse quickly enough in December), and then went to Wal-mart to get Sierra's new school supplies.

While at Wal-mart Megan called in a fuss that she could not find the prerequisite list for the radiology course at UVa and she did not know if she would be able to start in the fall. Calmed her down by promising that I would get on the computer as soon as I got home. (Which I had to do, anyway, to call Amy and give her the information to join the conference call for Sierra's IEP today at 3:30) . So drove through Sonic and got a milkshake (dinner), drank it on the drive home, walked in the house, went to the bathroom, and Mom was on the phone, Megan was beeping in, and Amy had just called!

Talked to Mom for a minute or 2 while looking up the information for Amy, promised to call Mom back tonight.

Called Amy and gave her the information, and chatted a minute or 2 while I looked up the University of Virginia website, and found the brochure and application for Megan.

Called Megan. Went over the prerequsites, and copied and pasted the whole thing into an e-mail and sent it to her. I need to call and see if I can get a copy of her high school transcript, to make sure that the computer course that she remembers taking in high school is listed and qualifies, if so she can apply now, if not, she needs to take an intro to computers, or see if she can get a waver.

It was after 9 when I got off of the phone, and the whole time I had been home I had been looking at a big box, that came yesterday, (Carl was champing at the bit to know just "What I had Bought Without Discussing it First???") Took the wind right out of his sails when I told him it was the school stuff for Sierra that I didn't buy, the school sent it to her.

This morning I unpacked the box, checking the packing slip carefully, and then unpacked the laptop, printer/fax/copier, mouse, cables, and backpack. So as soon as the battery gets finished charging, and we get off the phone for the IEP. She can install the ink cartridges in the printer, hook up all of her cables, and start installing the software. I am going to make her do it, while I sit and look over her shoulder. Then she needs to work through the practice lesson on-line.

She will be attending regular school in Indianapolis, 2 days a week, (riding with Christopher who is attending school in Indie 3 days a week.) And working at home on line the other 3 days. It is a charter school, using the K-12 Curriculum, but since it is actually a charter school, it is an Indiana public school and costs us nothing for all of this equipment. (and her printer has a phone connection so that we can actually fax stuff, which we can't do, otherwise, because all of the computers are on a DSL hub, and the printers do not have phone connections.) This curriculum from K-12 is $7000 a year. So we really appreciate having the Hoosier Academy option.

And now I am going to go sit in the recliner, put the 2nd heel in Mike's socks, and refuse to talk to anyone until 3:30.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And still more studio

The 2nd bedroom has its bed and dresser, for guests, or a nap.
The living room has a cosy chair, my treadmill, and hand weights. A TV, tape player. And piles of stuff yet to be sorted.

There is a dining area, and fully equipped kitchen, complete with microwave, stove, and refrigerator.

And the bag of garbage that my Mother left behind when she left.

I am liking it already.

More Studio

I have a washer and dryer in the studio.

A back porch which has windows all around 3 sides and a table to take pictures of yarn.

The master bedroom also has the ironing board and iron, a cutting table and bookcase.

The master bedroom also has a huge round tub, which is full of yarn.


Mom moved to Virginia to live with her sister. We bought her house. I am turning it into a studio.

There are still a lot of piles of stuff that needs to be gone through and organized. But I am getting things done day by day.

This is the master bedroom which houses the serger on its table, and the sewing machine on its table, a thread tree in the corner. And a very messy table which will have the ball winder and the Passip Vario but right now has nightgown pattern pieces.

A week or so ago Sierra put 2 of my hand knit sweaters into the dryer, resulting in felted, too small sweaters. With nothing to lose I simmered them for 45 minutes in vinegar solution, spun the water out in the washer, and stretched them out on the bed to dry, they look better, we will see when they are dry. (It is hard to type with your fingers crossed!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carl's Birthday socks finished

The birthday is not until next week, but the socks are finished now. And Mike's are almost done as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Need of Heels

The first birthday socks, for 1/25 are only missing heels and the final yarn weaving, and we can call them done.

The 2nd of the year are both past the toe one just past and the other, is up to the final needle change, (from 0 to 1 to 1.5) for the leg of the sock. That one is for the first of March but must be mailed.

This will probably be the last post until Saturday because I will be at the dentist this afternoon, at Odd Tuesday this evening, and working Wednesday (2nd grade), the dentist all day Thursday, and Working Friday (3rd grade). I am tired already.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

There be Nightgowns here

I finished the first 2 nightgowns. Lovely Flannel Nightgowns, in white with tiny pink roses on one and tiny blue roses on the other. Don't they just look all warm and nightgowney And they fit the way I wanted them to fit. except for a tiny bit of tightness in the biceps, so in the next ones I will add a bit to what the pattern has through there. The other thing that is not perfect is that the side seam pockets add a bit too much bulk when loose and since this is fixable after the fact, I will take them back to the sewing machine and top stitch the curve of the pocket, so that they remain straight which will fix that small annoyance.
They were finished on Thursday. Then yesterday I spent the day running around doing
errands in town.

Lately I had been doing the shopping one store at a time, when I would be in town. But we needed too much, NOW, to do that yesterday so I did all of the shopping, (except the bulk food store, which will wait, and a Costco stop which will take place on Tuesday, when I am in Louisville).

I am getting too old for all day shopping, or I need to start using the riding carts where they are available, because my back and hips cannot take walking on the steel reinforced concrete for hours. And I really wish the stores would stop moving things around. I never did get the beets.

So today I am spending in the recliner, knitting socks and watching the tapes that have been recorded in the last week or so.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Pictures Today

There were lots of pictures yesterday, go look at them, again.

Today I spent almost the entire day in the studio. Have I mentioned that I love the studio?

I started sewing up nightgowns. And have 2 of them to the side seam and sleeves left to do. It was late and I was tired, so I stopped before I started messing up. The sewing machine is on a table next to the serger, and the iron and ironing board is in the kitchen.

I had blueberry bagels for breakfast, and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

And tomorrow I should have 2 new nightgowns by lunchtime.

I have been looking at some of the other material and I think that I can get at least 3 more done without having to go over to the storage, which is a good thing, since Carl and Christopher told me not to go over there because they are cutting down a dead tree, and the limbs are across the drive, and they said that there is a "dead man" in the middle of the yard. Doesn't sound like anywhere I want to be.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

WEBS order came.

There are 2 more skeins of Smooshy, which I knew would be wonderful.

And the Cascade was a wonderful surprise. It is soft and very, very pretty. I will really like working with this.

Thus ends the latest spending spree.