The Fiber Artist

Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I drove Mom and Bob to Virginia, no one died, (although the way Bob was acting when we left we were not sure he wouldn't) First we had to go the the oncology center in town and Bob had to get a shot, to build up his hemoglobin, and he looked even more like death warmed over on Tuesday, than usual, but I guess the shot started to take effect on Wednesday because he was better the rest of the time I was there. (BTW, Bob is dying of cancer.)

When we got to Virginia after a very good trip, I don't know where the traffic, construction, bad weather, cops, or any other holdups were but they were not on I-64 between Frankfort, KY and Va Beach Va. At least not in the space that we were, when we were.

Once we arrived at my brother Bob, and his wife Cheryl's house, we settled in and enjoyed a nice visit, and lots of good food. I worked on the Sprung Socks and finished them, I had Lori try them on but they were too narrow for her feet so they will go to Megan.

Then I cast on the Snowboarding socks that my nephew Justin (Bob's son) had asked for and finished them for him while I was still there, so no pictures. They were black and white, ribbed socks, nothing fancy but Justin was very happy.
(Imagine Dwayne's sock in black and white and you have Justin's)

Then I cast on Dwayne's Birthday (Dec 16) Socks, and started knitting the foot, I realized that I did not know when to stop and add the waste yarn for the heel, so I guesstimated and did pretty well because when I got home and checked I was right there. Because I was unsure of the length when I thought I should stop I worked some time on the Six Sox Black Diamond which will not be finished by tomorrow. I am not enjoying this so although I will finish it I am not rushing to the deadline.

Monday, November 19, 2007

It makes you feel so good!

Megan just called me, between classes at school, (college) to tell me that 2 of her friends wanted this same sweater, one in purple and the other in blue. I thanked them but no sweaters. This is Olive from Berroco, done as called for in Cotton Twist, but Megan's has a cable running around the wrists, and neckline. Megan's is periwinkle. Don't have a picture, that hard drive died. So I stole this one off the beroco site.

Not only does my daughter wear her sweater, but her classmates like it too. She loves to have someone ask where she got somethng so she can tell them that her Mom made it...(unspoken: and you can't have one! So there!)

She had issues with co-worker running out and buying scrubs to match what she was wearing to the point that she had me make them for her. (then one still ask if I would make some for her? answer: NO!)

So today I am happy, and my daughter is happy. It's a good day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Spin A Bit

I talk a lot about my knitting on here, but I actually do spin a bit, now and then.

I have a long term spinning project going on the Schacht, and I am a little tired of it.

So a week or so ago I got out the Roberta, set it on the footstool and cranked up the speed and spun this 4 ozs. of roving that I got at Greencastle Fiber Fair some years ago.

Then it sat on the Skeinwinder for a long time because it needed to be tightened up. This involved loosening the lock screw, turning a nut about 1/4 inch, and re-tightening the screw.

The Whole operation took 2 minutes, including walking over to the drawer and getting out the screwdriver. So will someone explain why it took weeks for me to do it?

Then putting the skein on the swift and re-skeining it took only a bit longer, so under 10 minutes for the whole thing. Such a big deal!

I do this sort of thing more often than I should, I need to do something, I sit and brood about it for a lot longer than it would take to just get up and do it. It spoils my enjoyment of whatever I am doing while I am brooding, and makes me feel foolish once I finally go do whatever it is.

I am leaving here on Tuesday, driving my mom to Va Beach, to have Thanksgiving at my brother's. Mom says that Bryan (brother) doesn't like me knitting, that I should be visiting, so she has ask me not to knit at his house. The compromise is that I will leave the knitting in the car, so I hope it is not too cold in Little Creek, right on the bay, because I expect I will spend a good deal of time sitting in the car. I hate parties, I am deaf, the brothers will have the TV on full blast on some sports event, and they will be shouting over it. I won't be able to hear anything if someone does talk to me, and the noise and trying to hear will make me a nervous wreck, so off to the car to calm back down. Oh well it is just one afternoon. But I am already getting anxious about it. Good thing that no one in my family reads this.

Back home on the 26th, so I will be in Louisville on the 27th for Odd Tuesday. Oh, and a dental appointment.

Friday, November 16, 2007

That Tongue Thing Finished!

Here he is, with his widdle eyes, and his blue tongue, and the zigzag down his widdle back. Ain't he cute!

And washed and blocked, and the one dropped stitch picked up and sewed in.

Now to be wrapped and mailed once I get his sister's (Mark's sister not the lizard's) dress finished, and his Mom and Dad socks, then off in the mail.

Mittens vs Socks

Moth Heaven has a post up extolling the visibility of Mittens one line states that socks are invisible to muggles. Well she has a point, but then again, if one knits socks in public, say, oh I don't know, while substitute teaching, the little darlings, ask about them and start asking to see the socks one is wearing today. (and now you know why I have 32 pair of socks).

These are the newest pair, based on the Padded Footlets by Mary Snyder, In Favorite Socks.

Changes: toe- up. No padding in the foot, usual height socks, afterthought heel. But otherwise just like the pattern...Honest!

Well really, I just stole the chart and plugged it into my usual sock, upside down.

I also have Lizards, well actually 1 lizard, (discounting all of the pictures of Lizards in the pattern) and by this evening the Lizard will be a Lizard and not a dragon because it will be doing that tongue thing. (Mulan: the dragon says, "I am a dragon not a Lizard, I don't do that tongue thing") maybe you have to live with movie buffs...

Anyway, what have I been doing? Edging, border, what ever you call the thing on the bottom, and sleeves, and neck of a sweater when it is not ribbing. The pattern has corrugated rib, but it is a sweater for a child, a boy child! And if it is not easy to get into it will not be worn, and corrugated rib is not stretchy, but garter stitch is and if you do the border/bindoff as 18 miles of sideways garter stitch done 2 row of this color and 2 rows of that color, it sorta looks like corrugated rib, but is stretchy. The downside: boring!

Any way what do you think?
More pictures once the eyes are on and the tongue and stripe down the back are finished.