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Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mittens vs Socks

Moth Heaven has a post up extolling the visibility of Mittens one line states that socks are invisible to muggles. Well she has a point, but then again, if one knits socks in public, say, oh I don't know, while substitute teaching, the little darlings, ask about them and start asking to see the socks one is wearing today. (and now you know why I have 32 pair of socks).

These are the newest pair, based on the Padded Footlets by Mary Snyder, In Favorite Socks.

Changes: toe- up. No padding in the foot, usual height socks, afterthought heel. But otherwise just like the pattern...Honest!

Well really, I just stole the chart and plugged it into my usual sock, upside down.

I also have Lizards, well actually 1 lizard, (discounting all of the pictures of Lizards in the pattern) and by this evening the Lizard will be a Lizard and not a dragon because it will be doing that tongue thing. (Mulan: the dragon says, "I am a dragon not a Lizard, I don't do that tongue thing") maybe you have to live with movie buffs...

Anyway, what have I been doing? Edging, border, what ever you call the thing on the bottom, and sleeves, and neck of a sweater when it is not ribbing. The pattern has corrugated rib, but it is a sweater for a child, a boy child! And if it is not easy to get into it will not be worn, and corrugated rib is not stretchy, but garter stitch is and if you do the border/bindoff as 18 miles of sideways garter stitch done 2 row of this color and 2 rows of that color, it sorta looks like corrugated rib, but is stretchy. The downside: boring!

Any way what do you think?
More pictures once the eyes are on and the tongue and stripe down the back are finished.


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Marji said…

    Ingenious! garter stitch masking as corrugated ribbing!
    speaking of boring garter stitch...I just started one of those log cabin blankets for ds and Future DIL, I'm partway into the second block, knowing this is going to be a long journey.


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