The Fiber Artist

Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The weather that is. I am really enjoying the 50's in the morning and no more than 70 during the afternoons. It could stay these temperature all the time and I would not be upset. Other people here would be though.

While my jaw has been hurting, I have been sitting and watching TV and knitting, so the back of the Central Park Hoodie is up to the shoulders, 3 short rows and one row back and place on 3 separate holders. This will wait until I get to the fronts, because I always have to fudge some to get the front and back shoulder numbers to work out. Blocked out nicely, drying now.

The 9th guy socks have benefited from the dentist visits and are well under way.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The $600 Ceiling Fan

The blue box holds what Carl keeps calling the $600 fan. (Cost $35) You see as he explains it. If he had gone, alone, to Lowes to get the ceiling fan for the downstairs bedroom, I would not have mentioned that I wanted to change all of the fans in the house, because 1, the fan over my desk, is missing a shade because the boys were wrestling in the east bedroom up stairs and knocked it loose and it broke when it hit the floor, then the light switch broke so the lights cannot be turned on. I have tried to replace the shades several times but no where I looked, ever had 6 to match. 2, The fan in our bedroom cannot be reversed, and I would like to change the direction in the winter so it is not blowing directly on me, just circulating the heat. 3, I want the 3 fans in the living room and office to match. 2 of them match but one of them is the one with the broken shade.

I want to put a fan in the dining area and there isn't one there at present.

So we went to Lowes and finally agreed on the Grand Lodge fans which have a distressed pewter finish and nice, elegant detail without being gaudy. They had 3 in boxes, (on sale because of the season) and one on display, (half price). We also agreed on flat light fixtures for the upstairs bedrooms. Oh, yes the fan for the downstairs bedroom. Total cost with extra energy saving bulbs: Almost $600.

So he claims that If he had gone by himself, he would have come home with the one $35 fan. And I claim that we saved over $250 dollars. But maybe next time he will go alone. It is what I wanted anyway.

So the living room, my office, and the bedroom will have the new Grand Lodge fans. The downstairs bedroom will have the Weston II and we will move the fan from our bedroom to the dining room. And 3 can be free cycled.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leaping Lizards!

And it is finished and ready to go. Will be in the mail to Caleb tomorrow, for his birthday on the First of October.

I found the eyes, which I had put in a safe place. The book with the pattern for the embroidery was located, (in another safe place.) I am either getting smarter or running out of safe places.

Inching Along

2 of the 3 coats of paint are on Sierra's room, burgundy with black and white curtains, and bedspread. Typical teenage cave.

The sleeves of her Greenland are finally finished, they are 6 inches longer than her arms so they cover her hands, she likes that style, except when she is dragging it through the cream cheese on her bagel, as she was this morning.

Caleb has a birthday Oct first so I dug his lizard sweater out and sewed it up and wove in the ends. Need to finish the embellishments. And put it into the mail, by Friday.

Dentist appointment tomorrow and I hope he will get this latest temporary crown to stop hurting, hopefully the permanent one has come in, and he will just put it in place, they take from a week to 10 days, and tomorrow will be a week, so not likely but hopefully.

Not doing much except watching TV and working on the lizard, because of the face hurting, not sleeping well either.

Yesterday when putting the sleeves in I was attaching sleeves with live stitches to an armhole
and worked it as Kitchener on the sleeve side and mattress stitch on the armhole side, it left an interesting look to the seam that I like, must remember this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Roof Is Finally On

The last 5 pieces of the metal came in and were put on Friday.

Waiting now on the interior to be finished and the windows to be put in, and the siding and trim will be finished on the dormers.

I have been working on getting the 8th guy socks finished for Chaun's Birthday, the birthday is the 14th of Sept. and I finished them on the 14th. Now we have to find a time to get together to take him out and celebrate. This is the last of the birthday socks so 9-13 will be Christmas socks and then we can start over. Fun ... Fun...Fun!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It was Labor Day...

So I worked! I had planned to get all 4 sleeves finished, and I got the first 2 done early Saturday. So getting the smaller in diameter ones done in 2 days really looked doable, until the house stuff fell in on me.

The wrist of the sleeve is the eyelet row so they are at about the elbow, the belled stuff below the wrist is the cuff down over her hands to the middle knuckles.

Mike (drywall finisher and painter extraordinaire) came on Monday, but ran out of paint, so only finished painting 3 walls, but that allowed us to move all of the furniture out of Christopher's old room, soon to be Sierra's new room, Because: 1, it saves a move, (Christopher's stuff out into our room, then once that room is done, Sierra's stuff into that room to stay, then once the other bedroom is finished, Christopher's stuff into the other room. and 2, the west room is slightly bigger, and Christopher has more stuff.

Today Mike is coming to paint the last wall in our room. Then stuff can be shifted slightly, I am trying to get the spare room downstairs empty as well so that they can do that one, but it is dependent on Mike getting finished. The room looks bigger and one can move around without hitting one's head, (even people other than me).
but the floor space is the same as ever was. I need a room stretcher.

I did get the basket trunk that holds the sheets for Carl's bed cleaned out and have 3 loads of linens to wash, but I packed sachets into it so things should not start smelling so musty. And I need to rotate the linens better.

But the rest of today, other than doing some laundry, is going to be spent in my recliner, knitting sleeves.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More House, and More house.....

The front dormers are coming right along. They have their roofs and it sounds very much like the rest of the old shingle roof is coming off as I type. Hopefully they can get the rest of the shingles off and the paper and metal on today (it is supposed to rain tomorrow).

The inside of my bedroom is to the sanding, re-mudding stage, so paint should be before the end of the week, hopefully. (crossing fingers, [you ever try to type that way? It ain't easy!]). So I guess it is time to start thinking about curtains my bedroom is going to be the two shades of purple, so a purple and lavender print, as cafe
curtains with shades on the top. Must go look.

Once he is through in my room, we will move Christopher's room contents into our room, and they can finish his room, Then we will move Sierra into the east room, to stay. Thereby saving one move. Then when the west room is finished Christopher's stuff can be put in there.

Still a long way to go but, once the paint is dry in our bedroom, I will be able to go back there and sleep. Looking forward to getting off the couch, even though it is a daybed and quite comfortable it is in a main traffic pattern.

I have been working on sleeves to keep from standing over the workmen and pushing...(are you done yet?...are you done yet? about now?)

My dusty rose CPH (Central Park Hoodie) sleeves and the Greenland sleeves for Sierra. She wants them to go down over her hands, so there will be much knitting before the sleeves get done.

I am thinking of turning CPH into a saddle shoulder, and knitting the body as one piece to
the underarms, will see as I get there.

Thinking of knitting Greenland in the round as well, since I an changing every thing else about it.