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Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Stash Enhancements

My friend, Viki of Fiber Labyrinth, recently sent me an e-mail to tell me about the sale on sock yarns at Rams Wools, and of course as she knew I would, (because, she knows that I can resist anything except temptation and chocolate), I went and made a purchase.
Also I have really enjoyed knitting up any of the Meilenweit yarn I have ever had, and they arrived last week and here they are. Good Guy sock yarns every one.

I got 2 blue yarns, one light and one dark, and a red and a brown.

The Cuff-to-cuff has reached the neck divide, and the fronts have been put onto holders, and I am going to finish the back which is both less
knitting, (being 4-6 inches less than the front), and less shaping so I will finish and join the 2 sides of the back, and then I will be able to try on the fronts and know when I am finished knitting.

Today I spent the day in the studio and got another nightgown finished and a 4th one about half finished. So if Sierra gets her schoolwork done early enough I will go over and finish that one tomorrow.

Tuesday, I am back to the dentist, and hopefully the pain will be taken care of. So maybe some more challenging knitting for the end of the week, I hope anyway.


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