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Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Sandy Claws

The packages have been opened and the paper thrown away.

Carl put his hat and slippers on! Right out of the wrapping! I have never seen such a thing. And he is still wearing them.

And Christopher put on his robe for me to get a picture of him in it.

I got a power supply for my computer so I may be shortly back on the computer that has enough memory so that I don't have to keep restarting it to keep it from locking up.

And I will be able to have the computer and the laptop running and on line at the same time because I got new cords, to hook up the extra hub. So I won't have to string the cord that Carl uses in the living room across the room and across the desk to hook the laptop into the net.

I also got 3 books. 2 of Mark Twain's writings: Letters to Mary, and The collection of Critical essays, and a Biography of Mark Twain.

See Carl wear his hat, sweater and slipper.

And Christopher being cool.


  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger Viki said…

    Carl has become quite fond of your knitting of late! He is hoping for more socks I'm sure.

    From that angle Chris looks like a giant. A gentle giant.


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