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Wow, that sounds pretentious doesn't it. But it is the name of my company, so I decided to use it. This is where I will keep a record of works in progress in the hope that it will result in more productivity. It will also give me a place to ramble on about my life, so that maybe later I will remember what happened in ___ (fill in day, month, year of your choice).

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pictures again

Finally got the camera talking to the computer again. So the last two posts now have pictures. And just what have I been doing?

After finishing the sleeves of Christopher's FLAK I put the body onto the needle that I had knitted the front and backs with but it was too short to hold both, so I went upstairs and got out the old Boye Needlemaster set and put 2 cables together and tried that but it was too long, so last night I finally wised up, took the shorter of the 2 cables off, and now it is Just Right, I feel just like Goldylocks!
So it goes into the scheduled line up after Beadwork, (which has not been touched because I was too tired yesterday, but as soon as I finish this post it comes out.)

I have been spending a fair amount of time organizing, So I have made up a number of kits, (or P.I.G.S as they really are at this point,[projects in grocery sacks]) There is the Jaywalker socks of Lorna's Laces Shepard socks in Childsplay to match Rayne's Christmas sweater which will go in the mail to her when they are finished.

I am knitting the smallest size on 0's (the rib was done on 00's) and I think they will be small enough. will probably decrease at the start of the foot.

Then there is Rayne's Christmas 2007 sweater which is this very girly girl sweater and purse combo, in Debbie bliss Cotton Cashmere. Both Stash and sale yarn and using all of the cherry red that I have. I love it when it works out like that.

I have started the swatch, and done 3 repeats of the floral pattern and it is looking good, I will go down a needle size and see how that looks before I make a decision.

Socks and swatches are the late night and carry around knitting, because they require little concentration.

I have some Cotton ease that Caleb liked a lot, and kept picking up and carrying around when he was here last October so I pulled it out and added the left over encore, from Mark's dog sweater, for a dog Hoodie for Caleb. I will not do anything with this pattern or yarn until Feb 1 because Caleb is going into the hospital for major heart surgery on Jan 22. And I just don't want to start anything until he is out and fine again. I know that this is necessary and commonly done surgery, but this is my Youngest grandson, and even though I spend a lot of time telling every one else that he will be fine and the doctors do this all the time. I am still scared and am not willing to temp the evil spirits, so it will remain a P.I.G.S. until Feb.

Next up is Mark's Leaping Lizard sweater, this is the one that I had to purchase yarn for because I did not have beige, dark brown, and lime green in the stash, but I did have the denim.

The only grandchild's knitted present I don't have planned yet is for Dwayne. At 13 one must be careful about the design if one wants the boy to wear it so I am still thinking on this.

Sierra has ask for socks and picked out the pattern and yarn so that is another P.I.G.S. although to be exactly correct it is a P.I.Z.B (Project In Ziplock Bag) which is not as easy to say.

Now one may very well ask if I have perhaps taken leave of my senses, plotting out gifts for 11 to 12 months from now for growing children. And leaving aside the question of sanity, I have this plotted out, all sweaters will be either knit top down to the place where I think I should start the bottom edging on both the body and the sleeves, and then they will be placed onto waste yarn for finishing in Nov. or (Mark's) started with a provisional cast on knit up, and left, if additional length is needed the sweater is at a point where I would add a contrast stripe before more brown so the 1/2 stitch jog should disappear into the lime green stripe.

The socks will be knit top down to the start of the toe shaping and left on waste yarn for either the toes or more length and then toes.


  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger FugueStateKnits said…

    I am SO glad to see another knitter who uses GBs:) And ziplocs! and any kind of cloth or canvas bag they give out at conferences and conventions:) My husband is starting to call me the bag lady.....
    Happy Knitting,
    joan in Ellicott City, MD


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